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Joan Lindsey to Experience NASA

NASA is teaching Girl Scout trainers to share the vision of Earth and space science with girls.

Joan Lindsey is one of twenty-eight experienced Girl Scouts of the USA master trainers who will experience the inside story of a working NASA center Oct. 3-9 at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, CA. Their days and evenings will be filled with touring the labs where spacecraft design and testing happens, and experiencing new Earth science activities for girls in informal education settings. They will then use their experience to simulate planning a robotic mission to Mars. The experience at the Jet Propulsion Lab will help the trainers motivate and lead their local councils in science related events and activities. After the week of tours, trainings and feedback, the leaders will return to their communities to share NASA activities and resources with Girl Scout leaders, girls and the public.

This is the latest part of a two-year collaborative project of the Girl Scouts of the USA and Solar System Exploration Forum of the office of Space Science. These adults have previously received over sixty hours of NASA training and shared their experiences with their local Girl Scout councils.

NASA expects to receive valuable input from the Girl Scout adults as they share their vision, experience, and best practices to help NASA form a plan for a lasting relationship with Girl Scouts. Young women are needed to fill critical positions as we explore space. Interviews with JPL staff who are or were Girl Scouts will help the trainers to develop resources that encourage girls to prepare for science, math, engineering, technology careers.