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GMC’s President recognizes students’ accomplishments at Phi Beta Lambda National Conference

Lieutenant General William B. Caldwell, IV, President of Georgia Military College (GMC), recognized 19-year-old Nate Scarbary and 20-year-old Tommy Boose for placing fifth in Business Ethics at the Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) National Conference in June. Scarbary, who is from Gray, Ga., and Boose, who is from Monticello, Ga., represented GMC as part of the Georgia Delegation at the conference held in Atlanta, Ga., on June 24-27. Thousands of students from around the country competed in various events and attended workshops to gain knowledge on how to be a successful business professional and leader. Scarbary and Boose competed in the team event for Business Ethics and in the individual competitive test events in Macroeconomics (Nate Scarbary) and Microeconomics (Tommy Boose).

“GMC is excited to have students like Nate and Tommy representing our school at the national level,” said Lt. Gen. William B. Caldwell, IV, GMC’s President. “Their hard work and dedication is indicative of their character and abilities. We know that both of them will continue to make a real difference in the future. We are also proud to have a supportive faculty and staff like Tianna Marynell, GMC’s Business Department Chair, to encourage student success.”

President Caldwell awarded Scarbary and Boose with the GMC President’s coin and pin. At the conference, Scarbary and Boose each received a cash award of $100.

“I didn’t ever think that we were going to get to that level of making it at nationals,” said Nate Scarbary, GMC student. “It’s just a great accomplishment. I didn’t know that President Caldwell was going to go to that level of recognizing us for that.”

“I just feel that me and Nate both represented GMC well and achieving what we came there to achieve,” said Tommy Boose, GMC Student. “I’m just glad President Caldwell took the time to show us that he cares about us and what we’re doing for GMC and also for our organization.”

Both Scarbary and Boose are currently working towards getting their Associate’s degree in Computer Information Systems. They plan to continue their education with GMC for the Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Business Management.

The top ten winning college teams in their event are listed below:
1) Northern Arizona University

2) Williams Baptist College (Arkansas)

3) Louisburg College (North Carolina)

4) Central Christian College of Kansas

5) Georgia Military College

6) Southwest Baptist University

7) University of Florida

8) College of the Canyons (California)

9) University of Texas

10) University of Utah


Pictured left to right: Tommy Boose, Lt. Gen. William B. Caldwell, IV, Nate Scarbary