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GMC-WR student leading next generation of Rainbow Girls

Georgia Military College student leading next generation of Rainbow Girls By ALLINE KENT – Sun News correspondent Rebecca Bryan is a student at Georgia Military College and eventually plans on being a math teacher. Although Bryan stays plenty busy with her studies, she also stays busy with her continuing commitment to the Rainbow Girls. Part of the Masonic organization, the International Order of the Rainbow Girls is a service organization for girl and young women ages 11 through 20. Bryan has been a member of Rainbow Girls for nine years and actually aged out of the organization last year. But because the membership of the Dawn Hughes Assembly is fairly young right now, Bryan is staying on to help guide the chapter. Her official title is worthy adviser pro tem, and she took over leadership of Dawn Hughes, sponsored by the Tyrian Lodge in Warner Robins, at the end of December. It is not the first time Bryan has led the chapter, but this time is very different. “Instead of doing a lot of things myself,” Bryan said, “I am trying to make sure the girls get experience, and then they will feel like they are ready to take over that position for themselves.” Sticking with an organization as a young person for nine years shows quite the dedication, but Bryan said with Rainbow Girls it is easy to be dedicated. “We do so many fun things like bowling and pool parties and even scavenger hunts. Then there is our community service, which is so important but also so meaningful,” she said. “Sometimes we visit nursing homes and provide parties at Valentine’s Day and Halloween for the older residents. We do road cleanup on a section that we have adopted and other projects throughout the year.” Other projects have included painting at the Ronald McDonald House in Macon, raising money for the Alzheimer’s ward at the Carl Vinson V.A. Medical Center in Dublin and participating in Relay for Life. The group also assists with the yearly statewide Rainbow projects, which benefit the Shepherd Center in Atlanta and the ALS Association. Bryan said the chapter has a special ongoing service project, collecting food for the animal shelter as well as old clothes that can be used for bedding for the animals housed there. For more information about the Dawn Hughes Rainbow Assembly, call 396-3747. Contact Alline Kent at 396-2467 or Clockwise from top, Rebecca Bryan, worthy adviser pro tem of the Dawn Hughes Assembly of the International Order of the Rainbow Girls, stands with Patience Flynn, Savannah Daniel and Savannah Flynn. Read more here: