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GMC Prep’s Lewis signs with MGSC

GMC Prep’s Lewis signs with MGSC Steven CaryThe Union-RecorderThe Union-RecorderWed May 01, 2013, 08:00 AM EDT MILLEDGEVILLE — Baldwin County’s two-time boy’s basketball Player of the Year, Jalen Lewis plans to extend his career to the collegiate level, signing with Middle Georgia State College on Tuesday, in the Georgia Military College Sibley Cone Library. Averaging 23.8 points per game this past season, Willie Walker, MGSC coach, believes Lewis will contribute right away in the Warriors’ program. “He’s going to come in and make an immediate impact for us. I really liked what I’ve seen when I came down to see him play,” Walker said. “I like him in the post; he’s a nice, big strong man for us and I think he’ll get stronger once the season starts and we get him on the weights. I think he’ll be an All-Region player, an All-Conference player and he can take us all the way; I really like him.” Lewis admits he has a strong desire to want to compare his abilities with other collegiate basketball players, as he believes he is ready for the next level. “I’m looking forward to measuring myself against other competition, not just [GHSA] single-A competition, but people all across the country,” he said. “I feel like I’m ready.” James Lunsford, GMC Prep head coach, is proud of Lewis and his efforts to continue playing and further his education, and suggests that Lewis has much more to achieve in his young career. “I think Jalen will be a Division I player after two years at MGC. I think this gives him an opportunity academically and athletically to develop more,” Lunsford said. “We, as a program, and as a coaching staff, are very proud to have a student sign a scholarship at a college, and there will be many more in the future.” For Lewis, it is not just about playing basketball, but making this decision is also about repaying his mother Vermeshia Lewis and other family members that allowed him to be able to go to school at GMC Prep and have the opportunity to get better at the game he loves most. “It’s an honor. My number one goal was to not make my mom pay for my college,” he said. “I’m helping out my mom, my dad and my grandma and taking stress off of them by getting a scholarship. I feel like I’m just paying them back.” The Warriors’ coaching staff is pleased to add Lewis to the roster for next season and believes he will do well at MGSC next season. “I’m just ready for him to come. I’m glad we got him,” Walker said. “I’m pretty much ready for him to come down and play. He’s going to make a big impact on Middle Georgia State College.”