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GMC Prep School Raider Mixed Team Named 2015 U.S. Army National Raider Champions

(Milledgeville, Georgia) November 10, 2015 – Three Georgia Military College Prep School Raider teams recently competed in the 2015 U.S. Army JROTC National Raider Competition in Molena, Ga. The Male Team competed in the All-Service Raider Challenge on November 6, 2015.  The Female and Mixed Teams competed in the U.S. Army National Raider Championship on November 7 and 8, 2015.  The competitions hosted approximately 80 teams and 1,100 cadets, challenging them mentally and physically in five events:  Physical Team Training, 5K Team Run, Cross Country Rescue (team carries a 125 lb. litter and weighted ruck sacks through a course 1.2 miles long), Rope Bridge (team sets up a bridge with rope to cross a creek) and Gauntlet (team carries multiple heavy items through a course of obstacles & varying terrain).

GMC’s Mixed Team (male and female) came in first overall, earning the title of 2015 U.S. Army National Raider Champions in the Mixed Team category!  Members of GMC’s National Championship Team include, Emma Mercer, Mark McCabe, Becky Vaughn, Will Caldwell, Chase Sheffield, Abigail Kirkland, Zach Spiler, Nick Trussell, Sara Bloodworth, TJ Johnson, Allie Kauzlarich, and Aaron Kirkland.

GMC’s Female Team finished third overall in the All-Army Championship with members Caitlin Settle, Hannah McTyre, Emily Arnold, Annie Benson, Anna Caldwell, Taylor Curtis, Ari Hutcheson, Mary Elizabeth Jones, Macie Newell, Taylor Robinson, Madison Waddell, Nikki Stevens, Kendall Calhoun and Emma Cate Shomaker.

GMC’s Male Team placed third overall in the All-Service Raider Challenge with members Jack Watkins, Chase Rauhut, Michael Barnes, Alexander Hanberry, Derek Hayles, Davis Isley, Noah Isley, Colum Lowery, Tyler Rion, Colton Settle, Niko Urias and Ethan Yopp.

All three teams are instructed and trained by GMC Raider Coaches MSG Michael Taylor, MAJ Emily Boylan, 1SG Gene Blackstone and Honorary Coach LtGen William B. Caldwell, IV, President of Georgia Military College.

LtGen William B. Caldwell, IV, GMC President said, “We are so incredibly proud of our Raiders!  Their determination and physical strength were key to all our teams being ranked in the top three in the Nation.   Our Raiders never quit. When the going got tough, they got tougher ….was impressive to watch them.  They demonstrated to every JROTC program in America what excellence looks like!”

According to the event’s website ( the annual “Raider Nationals” event showcases many of the finest, most hard working Army JROTC Raider teams in the nation and attracts many of the best Male, Female and Mixed Army JROTC Raider teams in the country. The best of the best Army JROTC programs compete within the two-day U.S. Army JROTC Raider National Championships. For All-Service Raider teams including Army Raider teams unable to gain top finishes to qualify to compete for the Army Championship, the one-day All-Service Raider Challenge Championships are held on Friday, the day prior to the Army Championships. The Army JROTC “Raider Nationals” serve as the official Army Championship for the top Raider program nationally.

2015 National Raiders (unofficial) Results
GMC Mixed Team:  1st place overall/National Champions
Rope Bridge – 2nd place
Physical Team Test – 2nd  place
Cross-country Rescue – 2nd place
Gauntlet – 3rd place
5K Team Run – 4th place

GMC Female Team:  3rd place overall-All Army
5K Team Run – 2nd place
Gauntlet – 3rd place
Physical Team Test – 4th place
Cross-country Rescue – 4th place
Rope Bridge – 5th place

GMC Male Team:  3rd place overall All-Service
Rope Bridge – 2nd place
Physical Team Test – 4th place
5K Team Run – 4th place

GMC Prep Mixed Team (first row, left to right)  Aaron Kirkland, Will Caldwell, Nick Trussell; (second row, left to right) Abigail Kirkland, Sara Bloodworth, Allie Kauzlarich, Emma Mercer, Becky Vaughn, Mark McCabe, Chase Sheffield; (third row) Zach Spiler, Raider Coach MSG Michael Taylor, TJ Johnson.

2015 National Raider Champions GMC Mixed Team Poses with Trophy.



GMC Prep Female Team (first row, left to right) GMC President LtGen William B. Caldwell, IV, Annie Benson, Madison Waddell, Anna Caldwell, Raider Coach Emily Boylan, (second row) Raider Coach MSG Michael Taylor, Nikki Stevens, Ari Hutcheson, Mary Elizabeth Jones, Macie Newell, Hannah McTyre; (third row) Emily Arnold, Caitlin Settle, Kendall Calhoun, Emma Cate Shomaker, Taylor Curtis and Taylor Robinson.

2015 National Raiders GMC Female Team


GMC Prep Male Team (first row, left to right) Jack Watkins, Tyler Rion, Niko Urias, Davis Isley, Chase Rauhut, Braxton Gise, Noah Isley, (second row) Michael Barnes, Jonathan Daniel, Colton Settle, Colum Lowery, Alexander Hanberry, Ethan Yopp, Tyler Gray and Derek Hayles.















GMC Mixed Team members TJ Johnson, Will Caldwell and Nick Trussell carrying 125 pound litter, and Zach Spiler.


















GMC Mixed Team members (left to right) Chase Sheffield, Allie Kauzlarich and Abigail Kirkland making their way through one of the courses.













GMC Female Team members Emily Arnold (left) and Madison Waddell.


















GMC Mixed Team members (far left to right) Emma Mercer, Mark McCabe and Becky Vaughn.