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GMC Prep School hosts Patriot Day Ceremony

(GMC hosted its annual Patriot Day Ceremony commemorating the lives of those lost during the 9/11 attacks and the War on Terrorism.)

On Friday, September 8, 2017, Georgia Military College (GMC) Prep School’s faculty, staff, and students commemorated the lives of those who were lost during the September 11th attacks and the Global War on Terrorism. The institution hosted a “Patriot Day” ceremony on Grant Parade Field with more than 500 students and 100 guests. GMC’s President, Lieutenant General (LTG) William B. Caldwell, IV, addressed the students in military formation.

“Today we celebrate our Patriots because we could never be the land of the free, if we ceased to be the home of the brave,” said LTG William B. Caldwell, IV, President of GMC.

MAJ Scott Seagraves introduced the “Patriot Day” Essay winners. GMC Prep students wrote essays on the topic “My life as an American- a reflection on what it means to be an American.” The Middle School winner is Cadet/2LT Alex French, V, and the High School winner is Cadet/1LT Tyler Gray.

NewDay USA presented scholarships to three GMC Prep cadets. These scholarship awards will cover their tuition for the remainder of their prep school education. These cadets were selected for the awards based on outstanding performance, potential, and the distinguished military service of a parent.

The three scholars are: Cadet Aaron Lightner
                                        Cadet Cheyenne Mosley
                                        Cadet Ethan Chapman

Cadet Aaron Lightner’s father, Todd Lightner, continues to be deployed. Last year, his brother, Tyler Lightner, was a scholarship recipient. Cadet Cheyenne Mosley’s father, Etheridge Mosley, is 100% disabled due to service related injuries. Cadet Ethan Chapman’s mother, Eva Chapman, and father, Harold Chapman, are 80% disabled due to service related injuries. Cadet Chapman is GMC’s first scholarship recipient to be awarded for their mother’s service.

(NewDay USA with GMC's 11 scholarship recipients.)

As the bagpipes were playing, three GMC Prep students who lost their fathers during action in Afghanistan assisted LTG Caldwell in laying a wreath commemorating nearly 10,000 men and women who died on 9/11 and in the years following. GMC Prep students also created a memorial by writing the names of the 9/11 victims and those who perished in the Global War on Terrorism with chalk on the North bricks. GMC members of the 48th Infantry Brigade honored those who lost their lives with a 21-Gun Salute at the approximate time when the first plane struck the World Trade Center.

(GMC Prep cadets create a memorial on the North bricks by writing the names of 9/11 victims and those who perished in the Global War on Terrorism.)