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GMC Prep names Major Todd Van Dine as new Raider Head Coach

Major Todd Van Dine will serve as the new Head Coach for GMC Prep School’s Female, Male, and Mixed Raider Teams.

GMC Prep School’s new Raider Coach is looking to continue the school’s winning legacy. They’ve named Major Todd Van Dine as the Head Coach for its Male, Female, and Mixed Raider Teams. He will also serve as a JROTC Instructor teaching leadership for the Prep School. Van Dine says he’s excited about his new beginning here in Middle Georgia.

“I look forward to the journey that I am about to embark on in teaching and coaching the Raiders,” said Major Todd Van Dine, GMC Prep School’s new Raider Coach. “My goals are to make my Male, Female, and Mixed Raider Teams all competitive. I also want them to realize that in order to be a Raider it’s a lifestyle. It’s about being the best at everything that you do.”

After graduating high school, MAJ Van Dine joined the Army as an infantry soldier. He later commissioned as an Armor Officer at Jacksonville State University in Alabama and served 24 years in uniform. Three years ago Major Van Dine became an ROTC Instructor at the University of Florida where he led their Ranger Challenge Team to their first state championship last year. He’s hoping to continue his method of success here at GMC.

“My goal is to prepare my teams for life,” said Major Van Dine. “Through tough, challenging training every student will learn to achieve more than they thought possible. My job as their coach is to mentor them for life and show them how to overcome the struggles and obstacles that they will face, and to be successful in whatever they decide to do.”

Major Van Dine also has experiences in coaching high school football and competitive gymnastics. He’s also a certified personal trainer. Major Van Dine and his wife Stephanie have a son named Grayson and are expecting a daughter later this year. GMC Prep School’s Raider Teams will begin training for the upcoming school year on July 17th.