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GMC hosts ACCG’s 2017 Summer Policy Committee Meeting

(GMC hosted more than 40 county commissioners from across the state for their ACCG summer regional meeting.)

On August 8, Georgia Military College (GMC) had the privilege of hosting the ACCG, Georgia's County Association, summer revenue and finances policy committee meeting for the second consecutive year. GMC’s President, Lieutenant General William B. Caldwell, IV, was the guest speaker. More than 40 county commissioners from Baldwin, Morgan, Putnam, Gwinnett, Washington, Cherokee, Emanuel, Floyd, Hancock, Houston, Jackson, Jefferson, Marion, Oconee, Spalding, Sumter, Toombs, Walton, Whitfield, Burke, and Bullock counties were in attendance to hear President Caldwell’s presentation about GMC’s history and success. Baldwin County Commissioner Henry Craig is the Chairman of ACCG’s Revenue and Finance committee; as well as one of its Board of Managers. As a proud GMC Alumnus, Craig says GMC’s great location makes it easier for other county and state officials to attend the meeting.

(GMC's President, LTG William B. Caldwell, IV, shares a presentation about GMC's history and success.)

“We are the center of the state and it just makes sense for the rest of the state to come to the center,” said Henry Craig, Baldwin County Commissioner. “I think that GMC is a unique place in our state. It’s not only important historically, but what GMC is doing now is important to the future of not only our city and our county, but to the entire state. Few school systems in the state of Georgia can compete with the success that GMC has had.”

ACCG is a non-profit organization that works to provide services in the areas of education and training, legislative advocacy, as well as insurance and retirement to all 159 county governments in the state. They are represented by more than 800 county commissioners; 400 appointed county clerks, managers, administrators, and attorneys; as well as more than 80,000 full-time and part-time employees. Commissioner Craig says this meeting is focused on preparing for the next legislative season.

“The revenue and finance for counties is very important,” said Craig. “The counties are the states local government in all 159 counties. There’s always competition for those resources. The counties need to ensure that the state legislature is continually aware of its representatives in the county governments across the state. To make sure that we have the resources that we need to provide the necessary support for the citizens in the state of Georgia.”

Several state representatives and county tax commissioners were also in attendance. ACCG’s Legislative Director, Clint Mueller, says it’s important for county commissioners to build strong relationships with state officials and other county leaders.

“Because a lot of our issues are state related issues that we plan to bring before the state legislature, we like to have the state legislators be part of the conversation during our revenue and policy committee meeting so that we can hear their perspectives on some of these issues,” said Clint Mueller, ACCG’s
Legislative Director.