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GMC Employees Work Towards B.A.S. Degrees

Working towards higher education is a challenge in itself, but going back to school after completing an Associate’s Degree a few years later, is even harder. For Matthew Keyes, he welcomed that challenge to invest in his future by obtaining a Bachelor of Applied Science degree from Georgia Military College. Keyes is the Systems Administrator for the IT Department at GMC and says bettering yourself is never a bad idea.

“Whether you’re building your resume or if you’re trying to become a better asset to the company you’re working with, it’s never a terrible idea to build yourself up,” Keyes said. “I personally wasn’t sure if I was ever going to obtain anything past my Associate’s degree, but I really liked the idea of having my Bachelors. When the opportunity became available I decided to go for it.”

That opportunity is free tuition for GMC employees.  It’s how GMC invests in its personnel. Keyes seized that opportunity to work toward a degree in Business Supervision and Management. He says walking across the graduation stage will mean a lot to him.

“A Bachelor’s degree opens many doors that aren’t as easily accessible with an Associate’s degree,” Keyes said. “While my degree isn’t necessarily tied to my career choice, it can help in other aspects. If I ever decide to go on to a management position, the degree will pay off quite nicely as it is focused on supervision and management. It also helps a lot with planning. Some of the skills that you learn while in the program involves budgeting and strategic planning. These two skills can help you understand how money flows through an organization and how to plan, which helps when it comes time to request equipment for your department. Also, some organizations don’t care too much about the focus of the degree but like to see the dedication of a candidate sticking it out to get the degree.”

Bookstore Manager at GMC’s Columbus campus, Tristan Kaltreider, shares the same goals. She’s also pursuing a B.A.S. degree at Georgia Military College. She has two Associate’s degrees, one in Business Management and another in Criminal Justice. She’s furthering her education by earning a Bachelor of Applied Science degree also in Supervision and Management.

“Having this degree will help my career by allowing me to pursue pretty much anything I want. I can start my own business or continue in education,” Kaltreider said. “But mainly it will allow me better financial stability for me and my two kids.”
Kaltreider says she’s pursing her degree not only to better herself, but to teach an important lesson to her children.
“I am so excited to be able to say I’m about to have my B.A.S. degree,” Kaltreider said. “This has been a long time coming and I’m glad that I’m able to show my children that hard work and dedication will pay off if you stay persistent.”
Both Kaltreider and Keyes say being able to take classes free of charge has helped them tremendously. For a full class load, a typical quarter at Georgia Military College would cost around $2,500. With this work privilege, student-employees are able to focus on learning, instead of the financial burden that comes along with higher education. Offering free tuition is a part of a program GMC has in place for its employees because Georgia Military College invests in its personnel.
“I have always wanted my Bachelor’s degree and the fact that GMC began offering one was perfect for me and my schedule,” Kaltreider said.
“I’m very grateful for the opportunity that was afforded to me by GMC to earn my B.A.S.,” Keyes said. “College is quite expensive and the ability to get my degree and not end up with a ton of debt is quite amazing. I would strongly encourage anybody that could to get their B.A.S. from GMC.”
Both students plan to graduate with their Bachelor of Applied Science degrees this year.