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GMC Cadets selected for the Cultural Understanding & Language Proficiency program

(Cadets Patrick Lee, Jesse Hall, and Haley Valentine have been selected to travel the world through the Army ROTC deployment program known as CULP.)

Three students from Georgia Military College’s (GMC) 138th Corps of Cadets have been selected to travel the world through an Army ROTC deployment program known as CULP to explore different languages and cultures. Cadets Jesse Hall, Patrick Lee, and Haley Valentine have been selected as part of the United States Army Cadet Command (USACC) to conduct overseas cultural deployments in support of worldwide Army Security Cooperation plans and the Army Culture and Foreign Language Strategy. Selection into CULP is very competitive and those eligible for deployment, must be contracted, medically qualified, and in good standing.

Cadet Jesse Hall is a native of Maugansville, Maryland and his mission will be in Madagascar. “I’m very excited to experience the world other than the United States and develop my cultural understanding and language abilities with foreign nations,” said Cadet Hall.

Cadet Patrick Lee is a native of Fishers, Indiana and his mission will be in Indonesia. “I’m excited to develop cultural awareness and get an idea of what missions overseas is like,” said Cadet Lee.

Cadet Haley Valentine is a native of Platte City, Missouri and her mission will be in Latvia. “I’m very excited and I’m looking forward to a lot of sightseeing outside of the United States,” said Cadet Valentine.

USACC performs this task by deploying teams of Cadets to perform missions all over the world during the summer training period (13 May-30 August). These missions support Army Security Cooperation objectives worldwide and include Military to Military training, Cadet English Language Training Teams, and Humanitarian Assistance.

Each deployment has a mission that supports the Combatant Commander’s strategic security cooperation objectives for that country. Deployments are usually 31-33 days long consisting of 4-5 days Pre-Deployment Soldier Readiness Processing and Training at Fort Knox, KY., 23-25 days in the foreign country to complete the mission, and 3-5 days of Post-Deployment Soldier Readiness Processing at Fort Knox, KY.