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GMC Cadet receives Patriot Award at ROTC Advanced Camp

22-year-old Cadet/Lieutenant Colonel (C/LTC) Frankend Ababio was recognized with the Patriot Award at ROTC Advanced Camp in Fort Knox, KY for his positive reinforcement of his peers throughout the camp. To become an Army Officer in the ROTC program, it is required to attend summer training at Advanced Camp. The month long camp teaches future Army officers basic unit tactics and how each position plays a key role in any military operation. Ababio says he received the Patriot Award due to his style of leadership and way of conduct. He maintained a positive attitude and provided positive reinforcement feedback to his peers during stressful times.

“I realized that my position as a Platoon Leader was extremely important because people are depending on me to understand what’s going on and how the message gets passed down is solely on me,” said C/LTC Frankend Ababio, Patriot Award recipient. “I stayed really positive because out there was really stressful. Motivation started with me since I lead the way.”

During Advanced Camp, a soldier’s leadership skills and basic knowledge are evaluated by a team of Observer-Trainer-Mentors (OTMs), composed of a Senior Officer, Junior Officer and three Senior Non-Commissioned Officers. At the end of the camp, the OTMs select the top five Cadets in the Platoon who have demonstrated great leadership skills. Ababio lead by example and followed protocol during his time as Platoon Leader and First Sergeant.

“I was really thankful for the observation that they had on me and the faith that they put on me throughout the entire time,” said Ababio. “They were setting me up for this award because they were always praising me and told me exactly what I wasn’t doing right in order for me to build up to a certain standard.”

Ababio was born in Palermo, Italy. He moved to the United States when he was 13-years-old to further his education and expand his opportunities. He graduated from North Cobb High School in 2012, and was sworn into the United States Army shortly after. He completed Basic Combat Training (BCT) and Advance Individual Training (AIT) in March 2013.

He enrolled at Georgia Military College (GMC) in the fall of 2014. At GMC, Ababio involved himself in the Ranger Challenge, Bataan Death March, Soldier’s Marathon, Army Ten Miler, and Order of the Centurion. He has held multiple leadership positions such as: Platoon Leader, Sergeant Major, Company Commander, Regimental S3 (Operations), and is currently serving as the 4th Battalion Commander in the Corps of Cadets at GMC. Despite his heavy work load at school and ROTC events, Ababio continues to remain active in his community. He has accumulated a total of 300 hours of community service while attending GMC. Ababio plans to attend Emory University or the University of Georgia in the spring of 2017.

"I just want to make it very clear that whatever you choose to believe in just follow that," said Ababio. "For me it's Jesus Christ. Jesus has always been my rock and foundation and that is how I built all my hopes upon his foundation. Thanks to him I'm able to move forward every single time." 

C/LTC Frankend Ababio holds his Patriot Award.