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Georgia Military College Columbus Team Races in Dragon Boat Festival

GMC Columbus students, alumni, faculty, and staff participated in the 2nd annual Uptown Columbus Dragon Boat Festival May 10. Enrollment Officer Stephanie Walton of Columbus organized GMC Columbus’ Dragon Boat team and considers the Columbus campus’ involvement a step in the right direction: “GMC is working towards being a more active part of community events.” GMC Columbus’ diverse group of students, alumni, faculty, and staff “worked together well as a team and had a great time. We were able to increase our speed in every heat,” said Walton. During its first heat out of three, Team Doggie Paddle completed the 350-meter course upstream in 2 minutes 11 seconds. In its second and third heats, Team Doggie Paddle achieved a time of 2 minutes, 5.52 seconds and 2 minutes, 5.35 seconds, respectively. Steven Adams, an Early Childhood Education major, chose to join GMC Columbus’ team because he enjoys “being active and being part of fun events.” During the races, Adams “had a blast” and “learned a lot about teamwork . . . because the Dragon Boat Race is a team event . . . and you have to stay on point and work together.” Adams plans to participate again next year because “at GMC, we are like a little family . . . [we are] already on the same team.”

Front row (L-R): Robbie Shreve, Eve Pratheepratana, Bre-shan Williams, Steven Adams, Stephanie Walton, Carrie Holzmeister, Amanda Norman, and Kevin Calderon Second row (L-R): Bill Walton, Sarah Richman, Kristopher Fitch, Yvette Fitch, Shannon Kewin, Jake Patrick, Thomas Morgan, and Colton Cox Third row (L-R): Matt Maone, Billy Richman, Brianna Shoulders, Bailey Carter, and David Jacobs