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Georgia Military College Columbus Student Honored With Servant Leader Award

GMC Columbus student Debra Pearce of Columbus was recently inducted into the Distinguished Order of the Servant Leader. The Distinguished Order of the Servant Leader (DOSL) Award is presented to any GMC student, faculty, or staff member who completes at least 100 hours of volunteer community service during a calendar year. GMC Columbus is proud to honor students who demonstrate leadership and selflessness by volunteering to serve others in their community. Pearce completed over 1,000 hours of community service: ten times the normal requirement for the award. Pearce’s DOSL award breaks the record number of service hours for not only the Columbus campus, but for the entire institution. In addition to her award certificate, Pearce received a medal that symbolizes the first 100 hours she served, which qualified her for the award; as recognition of the over 900 additional hours served, Pearce received nine bronze Oak Leaf Cluster pins on the medal’s ribbon. When she is not volunteering, working as a Billing Manager for a local ophthalmologist, or completing her homework, sociology major Pearce enjoys going to church and spending time with her family. “I love kids,” Pearce said, “and I love being a mentor to them and helping them succeed. If I can change one kid’s life, I will know I did something good.” Throughout the year, Pearce assisted in a variety of programs at the Shirley B. Winston Recreation Center, such as youth sports programs, senior pinochle club groups, and fall festival programs. She also organized a Thanksgiving luncheon for seniors and volunteered as a receptionist and as a scorekeeper for youth basketball games.