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Georgia Military College Columbus Announces Fall 2015 Ethics Essay Contest Winners

Georgia Military College Columbus recently announced the winners of the Fall 2015 Ethics Essay Contest. Winners are awarded cash prizes for writing persuasive, passionate essays about the ethics theme of their choice. The competition is held every term and is open to all students attending classes at GMC Columbus campus.

The Ethics Essay contest required the submission of a two-page, 500-word essay on a GMC “Word of the Week” ethics theme. The “Word of the Week” corresponds to a monthly character theme that is sent out to all students with a definition and practical applications.

This term’s first place winner, Ashley Josey, wrote about courage – using the opportunity to celebrate her father. She said, “My dad has always been my hero, but at one point in time he actually saved two people’s lives and was later surprise-rewarded to run with the torch in the 1996 Olympics. So I was a 10 year old looking at my dad like, “Wow, you are a super hero to everyone.”

She also called the contest a “win-win” situation, as submissions are usually awarded extra credit on final exams for certain classes. “Ethics is a part of being a student and staff member at GMC,” she commented.

This contest asks students to define the trait, provide a thorough definition of ethics, and reflect on a time they have personally seen this trait in action. Finally, they analyze why the trait is fundamental to ethics. Essays were judged by a small committee of faculty and staff based on how well they completed each criterion, and also on ease and enjoyment of reading.

Ashley Josey of Columbus, GA, was the first place winner. Zyquetta Smith of Columbus, GA, won second place. Third place went to Chanell Williams of Columbus, GA.