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Georgia Military College celebrates anniversary of first classes held

On this day 138 years ago, it was a historic day for Georgia Military College. On January 19, 1880, the first students attended what was formerly Middle Georgia Military and Agricultural College, also known as MGM&AC. The college was created in 1879 by the Georgia General Assembly “to educate young men and women from the Middle Georgia area in an environment which fosters the qualities of good citizenship.” Those words still hold true today as we’ve grown throughout Georgia.

MGM&AC was created as a unit of the slowly forming University System of Georgia, and was ceded on state government lands surrounding the Old Capitol Building, which is still the main college facility and sits on the highest point of Milledgeville.

From this day in 1880, the first day of classes, to today in 2018, the college has changed immensely and is now known as Georgia Military College. The name was changed in 1900, and GMC has continuously grown since. GMC is only one of only four remaining US military junior colleges so designated, and GMC now as 15 college campuses across the state.

As we reflect on the success we’ve had in recent years, it’s important to remember what got us started as we celebrate how far we’ve come, and will continue to go!