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Federal Work-Study jobs are available on your campus

Georgia Military College offers Federal Work-Study (FWS) jobs on campus for eligible students. The FWS program is a federally funded initiative providing part-time employment opportunities to students who are enrolled in college. Job opportunities are available on-campus and with various community service organizations.

At Georgia Military College, FWS students may find employment opportunities in various GMC departments. Additionally, FWS students who have community service responsibilities as part of their job may be involved in tutoring programs for elementary school students, mentoring programs for school-age children, or other forms of community service. A Federal Work-Study position may be beneficial on your résumé and demonstrate to future employers you have a strong work ethic, time management skills, and other traits valued in today’s job market.

It’s important to note the number of FWS jobs available each quarter at GMC is limited, so students interested in participating should inquire about the current availability. One of the advantages of FWS employment is the work schedules can be planned around the student’s class schedule, allowing them to balance their academic and work responsibilities effectively.

Visit GMC Careers and locate the Federal Work-Study application for your campus. Please ensure your FAFSA is current and answer all questions listed on the application.

For specific information regarding the Federal Work-Study program, or further insight on how to apply, please contact