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Eastman and Dublin Campuses Celebrate First BAS Graduates

Georgia Military College’s Eastman and Dublin Campuses Celebrate First BAS Graduates

In 2018, two women of Central Georgia wanted to advance in their careers. After being out of school for many years, Beth White and Patronia Scott enrolled in the Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) Degree program at Georgia Military College to continue their education, with the hope of learning how to be a better leader in their career fields. White, an online student at GMC’s Eastman campus, and Scott, a student at GMC’s Dublin campus, began their journey as students once again.

For White, she had not been a student since the 1980s, when she graduated and earned a certificate from Augusta Technical College and an Associate of Applied Science degree from Augusta State University. After many years when her children were grown, she decided to return to college to continue her education. When exploring online degree programs, she found GMC. She enrolled as an online student at the Eastman campus with the intention of only taking prerequisite courses, but decided to stay when she learned of the BAS program offered at GMC.

“This program appealed to me because of the reasonable price, and my former credits transferred easily,” White said. “The BAS was complementary to my AAS, they seem to go hand in hand. Adding management skills to a technical degree builds a more rounded employee.”

White currently works as a laboratory professional and is the Supervisor in Microbiology at a regional hospital. She says she’s had a great support system throughout the process of earning her BAS degree, and she’s excited to be a college graduate once again.

“It gives me a feeling of accomplishment and I hope to be an example to others to pursue education regardless of your age,” White said. “It’s never too late for education.”

Scott has a similar story. She graduated from Oconee Fall Line Technical College (OFLTC) with an Associates of Applied Science degree in 2004. She’s worked as a Registered Respiratory Therapist for 15 years and was looking to make a change in her career. She came across an article noting that GMC welcomed OFLTC credits and decided to enroll in the BAS program at the Dublin campus.
“I knew that a BAS degree would prepare me for different leadership roles,” Scott said. “Now I can prove to employers that I have the skills and knowledge that are required to be an effective leader in the positions I’m seeking.”

Scott hopes to use this degree to earn a position at the Carl Vinson VA Medical Center. She says she’s excited for a new venture.

“It was a lot of hard work, sacrifice, and dedication to earn this degree,” Scott said. “I’m proud of myself because I said so many times I would not step foot into another classroom once I received my Respiratory degree, but time and life challenges would change my mind. I know with keeping faith in God and having patience, God will open will open a door for me.”

Congratulations to Beth White as GMC-Eastman’s first BAS graduate, and to Patronia Scott as GMC-Dublin’s first BAS graduate!

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