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Drill Places at State

Congratulations to the GMC Prep School Drill Team which was invited to compete in the Georgia Army State JROTC Championship on March 24, 2007 at Fort Gordon. GMC’s performance at the Regional Competition qualified the team to enter the State Competition with Individual Exhibition and Duel Men\’s Exhibition Drill Teams.

GMC’s Individual Exhibition Performers were Cadet SSG Hunter Hartley and Cadet Captain Rudy Mills. Cadet Hartley won second place out of 86 competitors in a very talented field.

GMC’s Duel Team Exhibition teams were Cadet Private Will Parker and Cadet Private Rick Griffin, and Cadet Corporal Kip Goss and Cadet Private Quinton Weekly, all freshmen. Cadets Parker and Griffin finished second in the state and Cadets Weekly and Goss finished fourth, prevailing over 66 other schools.

COL R. K. Owens, US Army, GMC Senior Army Instructor, said, “These cadets have made us very proud. They have worked all year long to sharpen their skills. They are very dedicated and are among our sharpest cadets. Cadet Captain Rudy Mills delivered an amazing performance which included very difficult techniques. One judge rated his performance perfect! Rudy, as Commander of the Drill Team has done an outstanding job shaping this year\’s drill team. They work hard together and combine their skills to perfect their routines. Congratulations also to Drill Team Instructor SFC Van Dexter Rutledge who dedicates his time and provides guidance to this team.”

\”We are not just a group of cadets who spin rifles, but a committed team who drills with sharpness and precision,\” stated Cadet Captain Mills. “Many contributions also come from Cadet Du and Cadet Hartley as they demonstrate the value of teamwork.”

After winning 13 medals thus far this year, GMC looks forward to an encore performance at the JROTC National Drill Championship in May.

Pictured, front row, left to right: Cadet Corporal Kip Goss, Cadet Private Renee Reeves, Cadet Private Quinton Weekly. Back row, left to right: Cadet Captain Rudy Mill (Drill Team Commander), Cadet Lieutenant Daniel Du, Cadet SSG Hunter Hartley, Cadet Private Rick Griffin, Cadet Private Will Parker, and Drill Team Instructor Sergeant First Class Van Dexter Rutledge.