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Dining In

Yearly Dining at Cordell Center
Submitted by: Cadet Captain Teala Watson

What do tomato juice, milk, and a dirty sock have in common? They were key punch bowl ingredients during the Georgia Military College 127th Corps of Cadets Dining-In held Friday the 17th of February. Once a year, Georgia Military College gathers all of its Cadets for a formal gathering full of tradition and entertainment. Cadets began the evening by coming together on the campus bricks for an informal uniform inspection. Afterward, Cadets marched to Cordell Events Center and entered a receiving line; shaking the hands of school’s president, Major General Peter J. Boylan, and with the members of the official party. Cadets then made their way into the banquet hall for the evening’s events.

The Dining-In included many customs and traditions particular to the Profession of Arms; however, its sole purpose was to serve as an opportunity to share camaraderie and friendship, while enhancing Esprit de Corps!