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Columbus Ethics Essay Winners

Three Georgia Military College Columbus students were awarded cash prizes this term for placing in a local GMC ethics essay contest. Students were encouraged to write about themes like dedication and courage, and how these themes relate to and call on ethics. An initiative of the Ethics Committee at GMC, students were tasked to describe a time in their life when they were faced with an ethical dilemma. They then described how the dilemma was resolved and what part ethics played in resolution. A group of faculty and staff judged the entries on criteria like how strongly the students linked the general theme with ethical criteria and real-life scenario. Jeremy Dearmore, an Information Technology major from Columbus, placed first in the contest. Of his win, Dearmore said, “It shows that with the right dedication and the right teachers you can do anything.” He added, “Every professor at GMC teaches something about ethics and because of that, it helped me come to a better realization of how ethics affect the world.” DeWayne Greer and Alexandria Williams, both of Columbus, placed second and third in the competition, respectively. Williams said of her win, “Many students entered, but only three won. It means a lot to me to know I can accomplish what I set out to do.” (left to right) DeWayne Greer, Alexandria Williams, and Jeremy Dearmore placed in the GMC Columbus Ethics Essay Contest for Fall 2012 term.