GMC News


Students, faculty and staff should use the following closure and operations guidance due to the water situation in the city of Milledgeville:

Prep School – Monday April 11th, the GMC Prep School is closed and all athletics are cancelled.  However, if you are a MOWR student, then you are expected to be in College Class (not excused). Dress as you like for college class.  Prep School faculty are not required to report for work.

College Students – Monday April 11th, the College is open but all strenuous outdoor athletics are cancelled as we do not have a viable water supply to ensure hydration.  We will have limited lunch capability, but water bottles will be available. 

Administrative Staff and College Faculty – Monday April 11th, please report to work as normal.

Prep School Tuesday April 12th – The prep school will reopen at normal time,  however students will need to bring their own meal/sandwich and drink/water for lunch on Tuesday.  Athletics to be determined tomorrow.

College Students Tuesday April 12th  – The College will be open, however, we will make a determination on athletics as we obtain more information.