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Character of the Week – Scott Johnson

Character of the Week – Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson – 10th Grade
Nominated by Major Linda Brown

I would like to nominate Scott Johnson for character of the week. Scott is a 10th grader and is a member of the high school boy’s soccer team. Even as one of the younger members of the soccer team, he shows tremendous leadership qualities and was selected as a co-captain of the team. Not only does he use these leadership traits on the field, but he also carries them over into everyday life.

Knowing that I was starting a brand new high school girls’ soccer team this year, Scott came up to me at the beginning of the season and offered to help train the brand new goalie since he has played this same position for over 5 years. Throughout the whole season, he has never been critical of any of the players and is always offering help and advice to improve their play. He is the first one to get to practice and the last one to leave.

Whenever I see Scott in school or in town, he is always very polite and respectful and most of all, very upbeat about whatever is going on in school. I have never heard a negative comment from him. He not only exemplifies the characteristics of a leader, but also as a GMC cadet. He is a true role model for both athletes and other cadets.