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Character of the Week (MS) – November 19

Character of the Week (MS) – November 19

8th Graders
Jenny Brown
Halee Chambers
Murphie Dunn
Leanna Harbor
Kaitlin Whipple

Nominated by Major Linda Brown

I would like to nominate 5 middle school football cheerleaders for Character of the Week this week. The girls are Jenny Brown, Halee Chambers, Murphie Dunn, Leanna Harbor, and Kaitlin Whipple. These girls are all 8th graders and participated as middle school football cheerleaders during the whole season, never missing a game or an event. This, however, is not what made them stand out as cadets of outstanding character. Two weeks before their season ended, I was asked by the Varsity cheerleading coach if the middle school football cheerleaders would cheer at the last Varsity football game at Lincoln County. This would allow the Varsity cheerleaders to head to Columbus on Friday evening for the state meet which was very early the next morning. Before I committed to this, I talked to the team and asked the girls to go home and check with their parents to ensure that they were okay with this and could support the event. All of the girls came back very excited and said they could support the game. Unfortunately, the week before the game, all but these 5 girls backed out. These five girls went anyway, and cheered their hearts out despite the long drive and cold. I had many parents come up to me and comment on how well the girls did and how much they appreciated the girls being there. These girls upheld their commitment not only to the Varsity cheerleaders, but also fulfilled their duty as cheerleaders to the football players, the school, and the GMC fans.