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Character of the Week: Josh Brown

I would like to nominate Josh Brown for Character of the Week. Fire drills are always a hassle for both teachers and students because class is interrupted unexpectedly. Today’s fire drill began that way, but it ended with a smile on my face due to Josh’s sense of duty. As all of the teachers and students were coming through the atrium, Josh was kindly holding the door for everyone. He was not only holding the door, but he was speaking to everyone who walked by. Whether it was a “hello”, a “how are you”, or a smile, Josh made a point to warmly greet everyone. As Josh held the door, I overheard many students say, “How do you always get stuck holding the door?” Instead of agreeing that he was “stuck” holding the door, Josh simply smiled letting us know he WANTED to hold the door; he was not doing it because he HAD to or was asked. Many times a person’s character is seen by what they do when they are NOT asked.

Maj Amy Raines Lee
Prep School English Department