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Character of the Week (JC) – October 15

Character of the Week (JC) – October 15

Cadet Ryan Matello
Nominated by Maj. Linda Brown

I would like to nominate Cadet Ryan Matello of 1st Battalion for character of the week. Yesterday, while I was eating lunch in the cafeteria, I noticed an older gentleman in a wheel chair passing through the lunch room. He stopped next to a table that was in front of the doors leading to the east exit of the cafeteria. Although that table was full of cadets, no one got up to ask him he if needed any help. I was about to get up myself when Cadet Matello approached the man and talked to him. He then opened the door for him and went back to eating lunch with his friends. What was admirable about this situation was that Cadet Matello was not at the table next to the man. He was several tables away and had to look back over his shoulder to see where the man had gone after passing him. Clearly he was conscientious of the man’s situation and went out of his way to ensure that the gentleman was offered assistance. This is the exact type of behavior that GMC aims to instill in all of its cadets. Cadet Matello was observant of someone less fortunate than him, and went out of his way to offer some assistance. He served as a role model to a cafeteria full of cadets that day and is clearly deserving of this award.