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Character of the Week – Emily Langston

Character of the Week (HS) – February 22

Emily Langston – 11th Grade
Nominated by Major Kathie Deen

I would like to nominate Emily Langston as Character of the Week. She is an extremely productive member of the Recall staff. She is involved in every aspect of the creation of the yearbook. Her creativity and dedication is unsurpassed!

I would like to give you just a glimpse of her dedication to the creation of the book. One of our plant deadlines was December 17, almost two weeks after we had begun our Christmas break. The staff had worked hard to meet the deadline before we left for our break, knowing that it would be hard to finish it while out of school. But we had fallen short by six pages. I had resigned myself to the fact that I would be responsible for creating those pages in order to meet the deadline of December 17. As I logged onto the website that first Monday into our Christmas break, how surprised and relieved I was to find that Emily had taken it upon herself to create the layouts, place the pictures and write the copy for those six pages. Because of her dedication to the task, we made our deadline and I began my Christmas break with no pages to create! Thank you, Emily, for your commitment to our Recall staff and to each task that you undertake. You’re a true gem!