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GMC News

Cadet Recognition Ceremony

Georgia Military College Prep School recently honored those students who have distinguished themselves in academics and character. An assembly for the high school was held on October 22, and an assembly for the middle school was held on October 24.

Colonel Fred Van Horn, GMC Executive Vice President spoke to the students at both assemblies and offered inspiring remarks about the words we live by at GMC: Duty, Honor, Country, and Character Above All!

Major Brent Gebel then presented the Character Education Videos for the months of August and September. This is a new project for the prep school and the students have done a fantastic job. Each month will focus on specific virtues and provide filmed examples of character in action.

Colonel John Thornton, GMC Prep Principal, recognized cadets who were present for every class period of every day during Quarter 1, thereby achieving Perfect Attendance.

Austin, Lance
Austin, Lawrence
Bache, Megan
Bershadsky, Katie
Bethea, Jenna
Blackwell, Todd
Bradley, Malik
Brown, Camille
Clay, Stephen
Dubay, Kayla
Easterly, Taylor
Goddard, Keondra
Gresham, Bridgit
Grimes, Marion
Harding, Joseph
Humphrey, Jahmayka
Kala, Kaiten
Kotrick, Kassie
Lee, Macie
Litke, Jonathan
Mack, Jasmine
Mapp, Maya
Mason, Zoya
McCollum, Sara
Myers, Kevin
Pearson, Lauren
Pennington, Chandler
Phillips, Zachary
Robertson, Janna
Smith, Scott
Spear, Orlando
Stone, Vanna
Tanner, Brannon
Torrance, Nathan
Turner, Alyssa
Ubah, Priscaflorence
Umuna, Shekinah
Warren, Joshua
Wood, Dalton

Bethea III, John
Butts, Jeremy
Colwell, Andrew
Dudley, Adam
Falchook, Devin
Gray, Mary
Grimes, Jostin
Hamilton, Austin
Harris, LaRodrick
Harvell, Anyiel
Hollis, Danielle
Hussey, Jason
Jeanes, Bobby
Kirby, Kevin
Langston, Marissa
Lowe, Cameron
Meeks, Cody
Merica, Ryan
Poole, Sarah
Reece IV, Elvin
Renfroe, Brisha
Russ, Kaitlyn
See, Austin
Spires, Haley
Spivey, Victoria
Walls, Maya
Williams, Christine
Williams, Savannah
Wilson, Matthew
Wright, Quanterrio
Young, Chobi

Amason, Ethan
Amerson, Alyssa
Baugh, Nolan
Bentley, Richard
Brown, Jennifer
Brown, Logan
Chaney, Natasha
Colburn, Timothy
Colwell, Christopher
Easterly, Tyler
Grant, John
Jadol, Geovic
Lanzilotta, Krista
Miller, Timothy
Nolan, Nicklos
Parham, Justin
Peeler, Kathrine
Weekly, Amanda
Wood, Laurel
Zant, Wesley

Archebelle, Dustin
Beasley, David
Bloodworth, Morgan
Bohannon, Jordan
Budrys, Taylor
Chaney, Danielle
Crawley, Joel
Easley, Sherika
Grimes, Robert
Humphrey, Shawn
Johnson, Tiffany
Kotrick Jr., Kevin
Lee, Trevin
Lumpkin, Zoe
Lundy, Amanda
Stevens IV, John
Sweat, Heather
Thrower, Cory
Tighe, Sean
Veal, Stephanie
Williams, Alyssa

10th GRADE
Bloodworth, H. Shane
Dennard, Lauryn
Dudley, David
Durden, Alix
Fuller, Kaylee
Goss, Kip
Grable, Shanterra
Johnson, Tanisha
Jones, Kenesha
Pennington, Colby
Reeves, Renee
Resseque, Kathryn
Seiberg, Stephanie
Sowell, Andrea
Wallace, Dustin
Watkins, Dillon
Williams, Justin

11th GRADE
Anderson, Alexa
Autry, Adam
Aycock, Valorie
DeLoach, Haylee
Harper, Nicholas
Hayward, Dawn
Hudson, Carlton
Huff Jr., Jimmy
Langston, Emily
Massey Jr., Charles
Massey, Andrew
Melder Jr., Mechelen
Pearce, Robert
Pennington, Paris
Reid, Gillian
Riner, Travis
Shaver, Christine
Thomas, Jantzen
Ward, Victoria
Wise, Jasmine
Zant, Holly

12th GRADE
Akhras, Samy
Beasley, Samantha
Clayton, Shantaria
Collins, Jayme
Crawley, Clinton
Du, Peilong
Dudley Jr., Rodney
Durden, Kasey
Hartley, James
Huff, Alvin
Martin, Ashley
Mills IV, Henry
Patel, Amy
Poole, Matthew
Purcell, Allen
Reeves, Luein
Smith, Joshua
Wheeler, Stephen
Whipple, Kristen

The following students were recognized for achieving Honor Roll, by having a Quarter 1 average of 85 or higher (with all A’s and B’s) but not eligible for the Principal’s List and had a satisfactory discipline record:

Dakota Amerson
Lance Austin
Lawrence Austin
Megan Bache
Will Blackwell
Caleb Brown
Hannah Brown
Rachel Brown
Jalessia Clark
Gage Clay
Tina Crews
Savannah Edgens
Chad Freeman
Shelby Giddens
Jamie Griffin
Alashawn Grigley
Leigh Grimes
Hunter Harding
Jahmayka Humphrey
Ben Jackson
Jamarcus Jarrett
Kaiten Kala
Kassie Kotrick
Kaleb Litke
Jasmine Mack
Maya Mapp
T. J. O’Donnell
Will Oakes
Julia Rice
Meredith Riner
Janna Robertson
Caroline Robinson
Ben Shumate
Stephanie Somers
Katie Anna Thigpen
Dalton Threatt
Alyssa Turner
Priscaflorence Ubah

Daniel Amerson
Logan Brookins
Aaron Brown
D. J. Clayton
Taylor Collins
Devin Falchook
Jostin Grimes
Austin Hamilton
KeShawn Harris
Danielle Hollis
Mikayla Holmes
Alex Jackson
Bo Jeanes
Cameron Lowe
Tyler Pennington
Christina Price
Drew Reece
Austin See
Alyson Spires
Haley Spires
Donovan Spivey
Michael Waddell
Billy Whitlock
Brooke Williams
Ayres Wimberly

Alyssa Amerson
Josh Brown
Janelle Clark
Logan Colburn
Murphie Dunn
Tyler Easterly
Amy Folendore
Jacob Frederick
Jasmyn Fuller
John Grant
Blair Hall
Ray Mosley
Justin Parham
Rebecca Riner
Ryan Thorne
Spencer Tyson
Wesley Zant

Jordi Bohannon
Ben Crawley
Karmyn Fuller
Rob Grimes
Shelly Hastings
Beth Kines
Kevin Kotrick
Rachel Powell
Kenny Richards
Kelly Riner
Timothy Seo
Jalen Smith
Kelly Smith
Megan Smith
Ellie Thompson

10th GRADE
Joel Bentley
Jessica Collins
Elizabeth Craig
Porsche Freeman
Kip Goss
Whitney Hardie
Macy Knowles
Alex Levendis
Lindee Lord
Jessica Murray
Will Parker
Macy Sikes
Kalli Trepanier
Carolyn Vinson
Christian Zajicek

11th GRADE
Alexa Anderson
Adam Autry
Chay Aycock
Sarah Beadles
Michael Bunch
Chelsi Colburn
Lauren Harbor
Nick Harper
Amelia Haslam
Dawn Hayward
Jimmy Huff
John Jackson
Page Jackson
Emily Langston
William Lewis
Hannah Lloyd
Laura Magruder
Mary Kathryn Mason
Will Mosley
Dalton Pearce
Gillian Reid
Tori Ward
Holly Zant

12th GRADE
Samy Akhras
Samantha Beasley
Kayla Blount
Cody Bounds
Clint Crawley
Daniel Giles
Ashley Hardie
Abby Harris
Alexis Hightower
Danielle Lavender
Caroline Mason
Lindsey Melder
Emmy Pickett
Matt Poole
Zach Seagraves
Kristen Spikes
Joey Turner
Miranda Turner
Stephen Wheeler

The following students were recognized for achieving the Principal’s List, by having an A average in all subjects and a satisfactory discipline record. They were invited to come on stage to shake hands with Lieutenant Colonel Pam Grant, GMC Prep Assistant Principal, and receive a special certificate.

Will Applebury
Ian Bailey
Katie Bershadsky
Kailey Calhoun
Kayla Dubay
Taylor Easterly
Lilian Edmonson
Amy Frederick
Macie Lee
Delarrion Milner
Kevin Myers
Lauren Pearson
Vanna Ruth Stone
Dalton Wood
Taylor Wooden

Eleni Constantinidis
Kaleigh Donnelly
Elliot Fairbrass
Meg Gray
Kevin Kirby
Marissa Langston
Matthew Langston
Katie McClain
Cody Meeks
Maddie Olsen
Sarah Poole
Colby Smith
Tori Spivey
Nathaniel Weldon
Savannah Williams

Nolan Baugh
Brett Bentley
Jenny Brown
Haylee Chambers
Katelyn Coburn
Chase Colwell
Callie Dennis
Abby Giddens
Leanna Harbor
Geovic Jadol
Elise Riggins
Rem-Martin Tolentino
Mandy Weekly
Kaitlin Whipple
Julia Whitaker

Wes Applebury
Chris Brown
Christin Cox
Scott Gorham
Julianna Grant
Tiffany Johnson
Cory Thrower
Sean Tighe
Brooke Waddell
Kristen Zweizig

10th GRADE
Shanterra Grable
Rick Griffin
Matthew Harrison
Colby Pennington
Cyler Poole
John Austin Vance
Taey Wright

11th GRADE
Loribeth Berry
Ashley Collins
Haylee DeLoach
Jantzen Thomas

12th GRADE
Daniel Du
Kasey Durden
Erika Etheridge
Katie Gamble
Amanda Gregg
Alvin Huff
April Lawson
Ashley Martin
Rudy Mills
Jenny Park
Amy Patel
Julie Sharpe
Jaimie Smith
Josh Smith
Meagan Weaver
Kristen Whipple

The following Character of the Week Honorees were recognized for having been nominated by faculty members for exhibiting outstanding character during the quarter.

From the Middle School:

Adam Dudley
Austin See
Matt Wilson

Brannon Tanner

Anna Tamayo

Ryan Thorne

Drew Colwell

T. J. O’Donnell

Leanna Harbor

Haylee Chambers

Alex Bentley

From the High School:

Amanda Gregg
Kristen Whipple
Miranda Turner
Erika Etheridge
Amy Patel

Zach Seagraves

Chris Brown
Skylar Walker

Loribeth Berry

Kenley Jones

Percy Canon

Haylee Deloach

Each assembly ended with the presentation of the Character Cadets of the Quarter. The Character of the Quarter is chosen by a vote of the Character Education Committee, comprised of middle school teachers, high school teachers, and administration.

The Character Cadet of the Quarter for the Middle School is:
Leanna Harbor.

The Character Cadet of the Quarter for the High School is:
Percy Canon.

Congratulations to all students who were honored during the Cadet Recognition Ceremony for Quarter 1.