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Austin Spear – HONESTY

Georgia Military College Prep School recognizes Austin Spear for earning the
Character of the Week Award in demonstrating the virtue of HONESTY.

Austin was shopping with his mother after school just before the Christmas break at Kroger. Austin was properly dressed in his Class A uniform and was waiting in line at the self-checkout. A customer in front of Austin and his family finished her purchase and chose to receive a substantial amount of cash back from her transaction. The lady gathered her purchase and began to exit the store. Austin realized the lady had left the large amount of cash in the cash-back machine. Austin immediately gathered the cash and chased down the lady who left it. The lady was very appreciative of Austin’s act of honesty. This type of behavior is applauded by this administration and is indicative of his character. His actions represent what we try to instill here at GMC. Great job Austin!

Submitted on January 9, 2009 by
MAJ Charles Myers
MS Athletic Director