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Augusta Students Help Establish American Bladder Cancer Society

Students at the Augusta campus have established the GMC-Augusta Student Advocates for Bladder Cancer Awareness. Over the past three years, the group had bake sales, a yard sale and various other projects which raised nearly $4,000 to help launch the American Bladder Cancer Society (ABCS). The mission of the American Bladder Cancer Society is to provide support for survivors and caregivers, provide information on the disease and to promote awareness of a highly prevalent, but underserved cancer. The society recently launched the website, ,and according to Sylvia Ramsey, GMC-Augusta Associate Professor, more than 2,400 survivors have joined the various groups to give each other support. She states, “I am very proud of our students who have given of themselves, their time and efforts to community service, and to share in the birthing of such a worthy cause.” Ms. Ramsey, a survivor of bladder cancer, is one of the nation’s leading advocates of bladder cancer awareness.

Recent articles about the new ABCS were featured in the Online Urology & Urologic Oncology Journal, Female Survivors Take Action Against a Cancer Deadlier than Cervical Cancer by Launching the American Bladder Cancer Society and in Medical News Today.