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Amazing Pi Race

On Thursday, March 18, GMC Prep High school students participated in their first “Amazing Pi Race”. Every year on March 14th, mathematicians all over the world celebrate the significance of the ratio of the circumference of a circle divided by the diameter called Pi(π = 3.14). This year, Majors Linda Brown, Andy Anderson, and Cathy Williams combined several activities engaging the mathematical intellect, the physical body, and the character connection emphasized with GMC cadets. The high school cadets began the race at the flag pole and worked mathematical problems dealing with Pi. Once the problem was worked correctly, they were directed to other parts of campus to complete various problems dealing with circles. Periodically, the students found themselves faced with “Circle Challenges” which began with hula hooping and ended with a dizzy bat obstacle course to the finish line. The students were very excited and several had their own personal competitions within the main race. The top team from each class was present with a certificate and a bag of round candies for a job well done. It was very gratifying to see students get excited about being active mentally and physically. The teachers hope to make it an annual event. Pictured: GMC cadets Rob Grimes and Scott Gorham lead the way at the first annual Amazing Pi Day race! Pictured: GMC high school cadets celebrate Pi day with “The Amazing Pi Race” event.