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Allie Kauzlarich is GMC Prep School’s new Battalion Commander

(Allie Kauzlarich is GMC Prep School’s new Battalion Commander for the upcoming school year.)

17-year-old Allie Kauzlarich is ready to take on the top student leadership position in GMC’s Prep School as the new Battalion Commander for the upcoming school year. One of her goals as the Battalion Commander is to help other students become leaders.

“I wanted to make a change in the school and I knew that the best way to do that was to become the Battalion Commander,” said Kauzlarich. “I also want to make a difference in the lives of my peers and create more respect in the school. I want to inspire and influence people in the school to be who they want to be and to be the best that they can be.”

As the Battalion Commander, Kauzlarich will oversee all JROTC operations in the Prep School. She believes that to become the Battalion Commander, students are observed and evaluated by the Prep School staff as to how well they work with others and the leadership roles they take on once they enter high school. To stand out, Kauzlarich says she joined several organizations such as the Student Government Association and Yearbook Club. She says being the Battalion Commander is a great way to start off her senior year.

“I’m beyond excited,” said Allie Kauzlarich, GMC Prep School’s Battalion Commander. “It’s a pretty cool opportunity. The things that I’ve seen the past three Battalion Commanders do and that I get to fill into their shoes is a big honor.”