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Adam Veatch – Character of the Week (Teamwork, Leadership, and Servitude)

Georgia Military College Prep School recognizes Adam Veatch for earning the Character of the Week Award in demonstrating the virtues of Teamwork, Leadership, and Servitude. I would like to nominate Adam Veatch for Character of the Week for displaying the virtues of teamwork, leadership, and servitude. Adam, as a senior of the tennis team, made extraordinary efforts to improve his skills by working hard at practice and taking lessons at GC&SU. He was always present to support his teammates and help set up practice without complaint. He shared words of encouragement and techniques he had learned in the quest to improve the team. As he had done during past seasons, this year Adam volunteered to assist Coach Harmon and me with teaching the up and coming middle school team. Adam is always willing to make time for others, always gives 100%, and is an inspiration to those around him. He brings great credit to himself, the tennis team, and Georgia Military College. Nominated on April 28, 2010 By MAJ Garland Riner Head Tennis Coach