Information Systems and Analytics

About This Program:

The AAS in Information Systems and Analytics program will educate students in basic technical skills to create, control, and leverage information and data resources of an organization that relates to business intelligence, data mining, and "big data" management, and thereby contribute to the professions, communities, and organizations to which they belong.

Core Curriculum Requirements for the AAS Degree

Information Systems and Analytics Concentration Degree Requirements

What You Will Learn:

  • Students will be able to design and develop an object-oriented program that uses the Java programming language, the Java Swing framework for its graphical user interface, and uses the Java class library to read and write sequential text files.
  • Students will be able to design and develop a website that uses Hypertest Markup Language (HTML) for its content, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for its presentation, and JavaScript for its behavior. 
  • Students will be able to utilize MS EXCEL and MS ACCESS to construct models used to evaluate business data.
  • Students will be able to formulate effective business communications that reflect professionalism and ethics in the business environment.
  • Students  will be able to calculate and interpret descriptive statistics and probabilities.
  • Students will be able to research and evaluate the role of information systems related to various software applications and technology as business decision-making resources.

Program Benefits:

Earning an AAS degree in Information Systems and Analytics will prepare students for employment opportunities and meet educational requirements for continuation towards a bachelor of applied science degree in supervision and management at GMC. Upon completion of this degree, graduates will be able to transfer credits to a BAS degree program in management or a computer/management information systems-related field of study. 

Information Systems and Analytics Occupational Outlook - Computer Systems Analyst, Network and Computer Systems Administrators

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Degree Program Coordinator and Business/Computer Information Systems Division Chair:

Samantha Betton,