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Abraham Deng, one of “Lost Boys of the Sudan,” speaks to Middle School

Mr. Abraham Deng recently spoke to the GMC Prep Middle School about his life as one of the “Lost Boys of the Sudan.” A number of students have studied about the Sudan and the struggles the people of that region face. Since coming to America in early 2001, Abraham has earned a bachelor’s degree from Southern Wesleyan College in S.C. He also earned a master’s degree in religion from Mercer University and is currently working on a second master’s degree in public health at Mercer. He shared with the students his trials as a child walking over 1000 miles to find shelter in a Kenyan refugee camp away from his war-torn country. After spending a number of years in less than desirable conditions and learning English and the alphabet by writing on the dirt floor of a school, he was one of 4000 children the US Government granted a special VISA to come to America. He plans on going back to Sudan one day to help his country. The Sudanese government has asked all the “Lost Children” to return home to help because a large number of those are educated and can help in the rebuilding process. He spoke to students about living up to their potential and working hard to be their best.