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70 Years of Commissioning Leaders

70 Years of Commissioning Leaders

In May, 29 Georgia Military College graduates took their oath to serve in the United States Army after completing GMC’s Early Commissioning Army ROTC Program. These 29 2LTs are now a part of GMC’s history as the year 2022 marked the 70th year of Commissioning Officers into the United States Army at Georgia Military College.

The War Department designated GMC as a Military Junior College in 1950, with the first Commissioned Cadets graduating in 1952. Today, Georgia Military College is one of only four Military Junior Colleges in the Nation, a distinction in which GMC takes great pride. Under the direction of Professor of Military Science, LTC William Brown, GMC’s Army ROTC Program continues to produce leaders in our nation’s military each year.

The rigor of college academics, leadership development, and military training have always been exceptional in the program but the expansion of those elements has greatly increased in recent years.

On site, Georgia Military College has multiple state-of-the-art facilities that take military training to the next level, providing cadets with hands-on experiences that they will use in their military careers. A robust obstacle course, leadership reaction course, rappel tower, and track and field complex allow cadets to take their military training beyond the classroom for immersive training. This year, GMC opened the Leadership Training Area and Range Complex which is comprised of over 100 acres. Here, GMC cadets take part in weekly drills and field training exercises.

Additionally, cadets travel to other local training facilities in the Milledgeville community to enhance their skills. Cadets undergo Combat Water Survival Training at Georgia College & State University to show their proficiency and stamina in the water, while completing a series of events to teach cadets survival techniques in the event of an emergency. Cadets also work with the Georgia National Guard, taking flight in Blackhawk Helicopters (UH-60). It’s more than just a joy ride, it’s a learning opportunity for cadets to understand the capabilities and limitations of the equipment they will work with on various missions. They conduct cold load training and learn how to properly perform medical evaluations. These lessons are invaluable as cadets prepare for military life.

GMC is committed to preparing our nation’s future leaders to serve the U.S. Army proudly. The Early Commissioning Program at GMC will continue to grow and thrive, as it has for the last 70 years.