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Vanna Ruth Stone – (CotW) Initiative

Georgia Military College Prep School recognizes Vanna Ruth Stone for earning the Character of the Week Award in demonstrating the virtue of Initiative. “I would like to nominate Vanna Ruth Stone for displaying the character trait of initiative. On a recent Friday, Vanna Ruth was absent from school and missed the second part of a group activity that our class was finishing. The following Monday we took a test that contained questions from this activity. We did not discuss any new material on the day that Vanna Ruth was absent, so she was expected to take the test with the rest of the class. While it would have been easy for Vanna Ruth to ask if it were necessary for her to attempt those questions since she was absent when we finished the activity, she did not. Instead, Vanna Ruth took the initiative to answer the questions to the best of her ability and her answers were correct. In fact, she wrote me the following note on her test: ‘I wasn’t here when my group actually performed the second part of the activity, but I answered the questions based on my experience with the first part of the activity.’ I am so proud of the effort that Vanna Ruth put forth and want to applaud her for demonstrating outstanding initiative! This is just one of the many times this year that I have seen Vanna Ruth display the character traits we strive to instill in our students.” Nominated on April 6, 2010 by MAJ Valerie Dixon Georgia Military College Prep School 8th Grade Physical Science & Cotillion