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Students Recognized During Academic Honors Dinner

(Milledgeville, GA) May 3, 2004 – Georgia Military College recently recognized the junior college students, who attend Main Campus, for academic achievement and honored them with a special ceremony. Below is the list of awards, which were presented during the Academic Honors Dinner on April 28, 2004.

President’s List Two Quarters: Durant Brooks, Tiffany Brooks, Emily Burks, David Delgado, Curtis Devoe, Brandi Heinle, April Howdeshell, Geoffrey Hussey, Ashley Johnson, Bobby Lane, Elizabeth Lowe, Laura Minton, Amber Neff, Annamar Negroni, Teresa Parham, Haley Rogers, Crystal Savoca, Avery Summers, Crystal Williams.

President’s List One Quarter, Dean’s List One Quarter: Tealie Grimes, Carlie Hargrove, Thomas Harper, Marguerite Henry, Calvin Huggins, Randi Jacobsen, Samuel Matta, Victoria McClary, James Moore, Patsy Moss, Cedrick Palmer, Keith Pruett, Amanda Ray, Marlene Raymond, Dorothy Sammons, Jennifer Smith, Anibal Wagner, Lindsay Wagner, Zalonie Walker, Cheryl Wynn.

Dean’s List Two Quarters: Scott Anthony, Kevin Ashley, Brandon Boykin, Jessica Chambers, Adam Childs, Alexis D’Angelo, Anna Daughtry, Michael Dixon, Carolyn Frazier, Laura Goodwin, Jason Greene, Brook Heindel, Matthew Howard, Weston Hughes, Kanica Hurt, Nidia Jackson, Benjamin Leverett, Donald Lord, Wesley Milholen, Todd Sandford, Steven Schrader, Teresa Scott, Chris Simpson, Brandy Stanley, Terri Tanner, Katie Warren, Sarah Weasel, Felicia Williams, Alison Wilson, Sallie Wilson, Leslie Zielinksi.

Outstanding Athletes: Durant Brooks, Rachel Cooper, Shannon Shepley.

Outstanding Freshman: Haley Rogers (pictured below (left)with Jody Spivey, Political Science Teacher)

Current Members of Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society: Kevin Ashley, Charlie Cannon, David Delgado, Hope Ham, Thomas Harper, Marguerite Henry, April Howdeshell, Kristin Poole.
Who’s Who Nominees: Durant Brooks, Emily Burks, David Delgado, Curtis Devoe, Jason Greene, Thomas Harper, Calvin Huggins, Geoffrey Hussey, Ashley Johnson, Heather Johnson, Bobby Lane, Elizabeth Lowe, Samuel Matta, Wesley Milholen, Laura Minton, Annamar Negroni, Teresa Parham, Keith Pruett, Amanda Ray, Marlene Raymond, Crystal Savoca, Teresa Scott, Avery Summers, Anibal Wagner, Felicia Williams, Valeria Williams, Sallie Wilson.

All-USA Academic Team Member (2003 – 2004): David Delgado (pictured below (right)with MG Peter J. Boylan, President of GMC).

Academic Subject Awards: Humanities (pictured below, left-right): Latoya Cooper (English Composition Award), Dr. Paula Payne (Chair – Humanities Division), Courtney Hooker (Art), Joshua Highsmith (English Literature), Donald Lord (Music), and Reynaldo Stover (Creative Writing).

Natural Sciences (pictured below): Sam Matta (Outstanding Pre-nursing student), Dr. Ramona Rice (Chair – Division of Natural Sciences), Annamar Negroni, (Outstanding General Biology Award Recipient): not pictured, Teresa Parham (Chemistry).

Mathematics: Valeria Williams (below, right), pictured with Kelly Pennington (Chair – Mathematics Division).

Business: Heather Johnson (below, left), pictured with Lee Veal (Business teacher); not pictured, Anthony Beall (Computer Information Systems).

Social Sciences: Geoff Hussey (Political Science), Andrew Borders (Criminal Justice), Thomas Harper (History), Tara Worthen (Sociology), pictured below with Beverly Council (Chair – Social and Behavioral Sciences Division) (left); not pictured, Leigh Ezelle (Psychology).

Education: Ashley Newsome (Professional Education), Jennifer Smith (Professional Education), and Shelby Ashfield (Early Childhood Education), pictured below with Dr. Elizabeth Youngblood (Chair – Division of Education and Physical Education).