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GMC-Augusta’s Iris McDuffie is

Congratulations to Iris McDuffie, who teaches at GMC-Augusta! She has been recognized for “Giving Her Best” by the WJBF television station. You may view the link to her story below: Augusta, GA — This month’s Giving Your Best winner is Iris McDuffie. Iris is a dietitian who practices in a clinic…but as her friends tell us, her commitment to her calling goes beyond those four walls.

Friends and co-workers turned out to surprise Iris when we presented her award, and we were fortunate that she made it: Iris also teaches nutrition at Georgia Military College and volunteers with the National Kidney Foundation.

An active member of local and state dietetic associations, she teaches aerobics in her hard-to-come-by spare time!

Iris McDuffie, Giving You Best award winner: “I knew something was up…”

Sandra Jackson, nominator: “She’s very knowledgeable and cares a lot…not just about her patients, but also about the community and educating people so they can take better care of themselves.”

And, that what makes Iris McDuffie stand out: her enthusiasm for promoting nutrition and wellness goes way beyond the job description.

Sandra: “She is out there trying to get the word out, trying to make people more aware of what they eat and how they eat it, when they eat, and the importance of exercise…that whole wellness package…she’s all about that.”

Iris simply describes herself as a dietician on a mission!

Iris: “I’m a dietician that loves to serve the community and I really am passionate about what I do.”

That includes volunteering with “KEEP”: the Kidney Early Evaluation Program.

Iris: “We do an annual screening of persons with early kidney disease to prevent them from eventually being on dialysis.”

Iris’ friends and co-workers say her concern for others is part of her make-up…

Sandra: “She genuinely cares about people…it’s not just her job. She has an approach that she can get through to just about anyone and really has a desire to do that.”