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Cadet, NCO, and Officer of the Quarter

Submitted by: C/CPT Mary Beth Martinez

The GMC 2nd Battalion Boards are competitions between cadets, NCOs, and officers from each company. The cadets, NCOs and officers going before the board are judged by their personal appearance, military bearings, and communication skills, in addition to their knowledge in seven categories: general, drill and ceremony, GMC history, map reading, chain of command, first aid, and current events. These boards were held during drill on two different days in the Blue Room and in the Red Room in the Military Science Department building. The Officer Board was held on Monday, September 27, in the Red Room. The 2nd Battalion Commander, C/LTC William Brown, presided over the board, and the other judges included the 2nc Battalion Executive Officer, C/MAJ Leia Eubanks, the battalion company commanders, C/CPT Tracey Pearson, C/CPT Damon Fluellen, and C/CPT Shannon Harper, teacher representative, Major Pam Grant, and Colonel John Alton. All platoon leaders from the 2nd Battalions were required to present themselves before the board. C/2LT Khadija Hill was named Officer of the Quarter by obtaining the most points. The NCO Board was also held on September 27 in the Blue Room. The 2nd Battalion Command Sergeant Major, Lyndell Nelson, presided over the board, and the other judges included the battalion first sergeants, C/1st SGT Amanda Hall, C/1st SGT Charleston Haslam, and C/1st SGT Kalin Richardson, MSG Ron Crawford, and teacher representative, Major Kathie Deen. C/SSG Ashley Thompson earned the largest total number of points for this board, and is now the NCO of the Quarter. The Cadet Board was held on Wednesday, September 29 in the Blue Room of the MSD. C/CSM Lyndell Nelson presided over the board as well, and her fellow judges were, C/1st SGT Kalin Richardson, SFC Van Dexter Rutledge, and teacher representative Major Ann Bertoli. The Cadet of the Quarter is C/CPL Elizabeth Stamm. The boards all went very smoothly and were a great event for the GMC 2nd Battalion.