Learning Support Services

The Division of Learning Support Services (LSS) provides instruction for students who need to improve their basic academic skills before attempting college-level courses. These students will hold Conditional Admission status. Courses include Reading, English, and Mathematics.

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These courses:

  1. do not apply towards degree requirements.
  2. have no influence on grade point average (GPA), and
  3. may not be transferred. Students entering degree or non-degree programs who wish to register for any course which has a Learning Support Services prerequisite in an area must meet LSS requirements in that area.

LSS Procedures

GMC will honor learning support courses taught at Board of Regents schools. Test scores and course completion records will be considered valid for two years. Students who have not successfully completed LSS courses at a previous college must enroll in equivalent courses at GMC. Students must complete all Learning Support Services courses in the first sixty (60) quarter hours attempted at GMC, excluding MSD, PED, and PER 101 courses. All required LSS English and reading courses should be completed within the first thirty (30) quarter hours attempted at GMC.

LSS students will enroll in at least one LSS course per term until they have completed this requirement. Failure to complete the required LSS course work in 60 hours will require that in subsequent terms the student enroll only in LSS courses until the requirements are met.