The goal of the Center for Teaching and Learning at Georgia Military College (CTL) is to support GMC's Strategic Initiatives through increasing student academic support and faculty development opportunities.

Along with the Academic Success Center, the CTL dedicates itself to promoting and motivating students to increase their desire to learn through creating an environment that encourages self-efficacy needed to achieve academic success by:

  • Assisting students with the development of academic skills
  • Providing academic advising to students to obtain their personal and educational goals
  • Providing tutoring services through online access or face-to-face interaction to meet the needs of a larger population of students


Online Teaching Toolkit from the Association of College and University Educators
Teaching the Skill of Learning to Learn
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PDFAC SPOTLIGHT - How GMC Faculty are using Retrieval Practice
"I created a Bingo session and hold with my students each term in Week 7, which ultimately serves as a final exam study guide instead of the black and white list that was used by my professors in college and passed out to the class. I usually hold the session on Sunday evening of Week 7 when more students can dedicate some time. I used to hold on Thursday evenings of Week 6, but that became problematic for those who work. During this session, students call into my conference line, and I serve as the caller. They are required to print/generate their bingo cards prior to the session. This is the link they use: https://bingobaker.com/play/1953896/ee9a2cb637f8fc938bad48be307de6ef

Once the first three students call bingo, I ask that they provide an overview of two of the concepts of their choice whether that is a definition or information regarding why the concept is important to our criminal justice system. This gives them an opportunity to interact with their classmates as well. This has proven to be a big hit in my CRJ 103 course (Criminal Procedures). After comparing prior terms, I have noticed great improvement in the final exam grades. Call List Link: https://bingobaker.com/words/1953896

I have had such positive responses from students and usually in a course of 12 or so, seven students participate!"
- Tosha Wilson-Davis, Justice Studies Department Chair, GMC Global Online Campus

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The Center for Teaching and Learning is located at 521 South Jefferson Street in Milledgeville, Georgia.


Dr. Athea Harris - Director, Center for Teaching and Learning
aharris@gmc.edu | (478) 387-7195
Marcus Johnson - Assistant Director, Academic Success Center
majohnson@gmc.edu | (478) 387-4758
Herlina Toler - Academic Affairs Data Analyst
htoler@gmc.edu | (478) 387-4948