Get Involved

The Student Activities Program is supervised by the GMC Dean of Students and administered by the campus Dean of Students. Students are the key to presenting student interests and needs to these administrators.

The intent of student activities is to promote student-centered learning and provide educational activities that enhance a sense of belonging to GMC, provide fellowship opportunities, develop leadership skills, and contribute to lifelong learning. These activities enrich the GMC experience and enhance the learning environment. Studies at GMC and across the nation have repeatedly confirmed that participation in student activities significantly enhances retention and also promotes stronger academic performance.

Activities include movies, dances, entertainers, concerts, field trips, student publications, intramural sport activities, and club activities. Notices of upcoming events and activities are posted on bulletin boards, on the campus Digital televisions, announced in club meetings, on the GMC Facebook page and occasionally announced in class. Students who wish to suggest activities should contact the Student Activities office/Campus Dean of Students or a member of the Student Government Association. A robust student activities program is conducted on GMC’s campuses. So, get involved!