Transferring Course Credits from GMC

Students who complete an Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS) degree generally find that the degree transfers to the four-year college, which enables them to enter as a rising junior. Students who do not complete the degree and thus do not graduate, experience selective articulation of the courses on the transcript by the four-year college. Usually the course by course articulation process decreases the number of hours transferred and affects the entry load to the four-year college or university.

Because GMC is fully accredited, its degree is generally accepted by any four year college or university in the United States. On occasion, because of varying standards in curriculum, course content, state policy or accrediting standards, students may experience the loss of credit hours in transfer. Students experiencing these types of hour and credit losses are encouraged to contact the Registrar at Georgia Military College for assistance.

On occasion, discussions between the GMC registrar and the registrar at the transferrring instituion can resolve these situations. A student should talk to the admissions office at the four year school well in advance of graduation to be sure of requirements at a particular college.