Welcome to the Registrar's Office. The mission of the Registrar's Office is to support the mission of Georgia Military College by providing the following services to students, faculty and staff: maintain and update official student records and assure student confidentiality; record grades, compute GPA's and mail quarterly reports; assure satisfactory registration of all students; certify students are eligible for graduation; implement policies and procedures; provide official transcripts, and certify athletic eligibility.

If any of these situations sound familiar, you could benefit from Enrollment Verify:

  • Your parents' health insurance provider wants proof that you are a full-time student?
  • You're applying for a student credit card and need to certify your enrollment status?
  • Your scholarship requires verification that you are matriculated at your university?

You can access EnrollmentVerify through, then you can access the enrollment certifications from Clearinghouse for no fee. GMC pays for this service on your behalf. Our secure site provides safe, convenient access to your education records when you need them. Once logged into the portal, the Enrollment Verification link will be under the Portal Resources Menu. You must complete the sign in step and click on the "Link to Clearinghouse". Follow the instructions to print out the verification.

Campus Contacts 


Augusta (including Sandersville)
Cathy Simpkins, Registrar Assistant
Phone: 706-993-1087
Fax: 706-651-7342

Phone: 706-478-1688
Fax: 706-568-5311

Fayetteville and Fairburn 
(including Zebulon and Stone Mountain)

Sandra Bauer, Registrar Assistant
Phone: 678-846-9636

Milledgeville (including Madison)
Emily May, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 478-387-7272
Fax: 478-445-2425

Global Online College
Teresa Broome, Registrar Assistant
Phone: 478-387-4723
Fax: 478-445-1548

Alan Adams, Registrar Assistant
Phone: 229-269-4854
Fax: 229-293-6001

Warner Robins (including Dublin & Eastman)
David Pascarella, Central Region Registrar Assistant
Phone: 478-225-0222




Academic Records


John Sheeley
AVP of Enrollment Management

Morgan Davidson
Academic Systems Analyst

Elizabeth Hopson
Transfer Evaluator

Kalli Solursh
BAS Transfer Evaluator (for students
who have attended technical colleges)

Carla Yearwood
Transcript Processor

Lisa McCollum

Cheree Hummel
Degree Processor

Renee Smith
Transfer Evaluator

Donna Moore
Administrative Assistant



  1. Helpful Registrar Topics:

Degree Candidacy (Graduation Request)

  • All candidates for a degree must file a formal application with their Academic Advisor. Applications for Degree should be completed by mid-term the term prior to completion of all academic requirements and who have registered for all courses necessary in their degree program. An online survey is required as part of the application. Click here to view and print the application for an associate level degree. Click here to view and print the application for a bachelor's level degree. Click here to view and print the application for reverse transfer - associate level degree.

Transcript Request

  • Current students may log into their student portal to order transcripts online.  All other transcript requests can be submitted by clicking HERE. Transcript requests can be emailed here.

Request Duplicate Copy of Diploma

  • There is a $20 fee to request a duplicate copy of your diploma.
  • Click here to access the form for a duplicate copy of your diploma.