Disability Services

Welcome to GMC,

 We would like to welcome you to our Office of Student Disability Services. As a part of Georgia Military College, we are all excited to see you reaching for your dreams.  GMC is committed to the full inclusion of all students providing a friendly and inclusive environment that students can thrive in. 

As part of the Department of Academic Support Services, we want to ensure that you have the access and opportunity in all aspects of your experience while at GMC.  A team effort approach is taken when supporting students and that's why all students have access to free tutoring and success coaches.  The tutors can help you with the content materials when needed and our success coaches can help you with academic skills.  Team up with a success coach and gain an accountability partner which can help you with tasks from organizing your planner, to teaching you how to study more effectively. If you need access in the form of an accommodation, please seek accommodations by following the steps in our verification process listed below. 

We hope you will contact us at any time when you have questions or need help.  Our staff is friendly and I think you'll see that everyone is eager to help.

Enjoy your time at GMC,

Office of Student Disability Services


How to Apply for Accommodations

  1. Login to Starfish using your GMC user name and password. Your user name will be what comes before the @ in your GMC email address. For example, if your GMC email is jsmith1234@bulldog.gmc.edu, your Starfish user name is jsmith1234.
  2. Once you are logged in to Starfish, click the menu button  in the top left corner and then click the 'I Need Help' link.
  3. Select 'Disability Services Request' from the drop down menu and click Submit.
  4. You will receive an email with a link to the Student Disability Services (SDS) Manager's calendar. Click the link and choose a date and time to complete your interview.
  5. Complete an Initial Interview with SDS.  (By phone or in person)
  6. Submit documentation: Documentation Guidelines will highlight the required information and additional helpful information that may be requested.
  7. If your accommodation is approved by the SDS Manager, you will receive an email to schedule an appointment with your Campus Disability Coordinator. Click the link and choose a date and time to meet with them.
  8. Meet with your Campus Disability Coordinator to discuss reasonable accommodations.
  9. Go back to Starfish, click the menu button in the top left and click the 'I Need Help'. Select 'Term Accommodation Request' from the 'Type of help needed' list, choose one of your courses from the drop down menu, and click Submit. (repeat this process for each course you are taking during the term)
  10. The Student Disability Services Manager will send emails to each of your professors with your approved accommodations.

Official Institution Policies and Procedures for Students with Disabilities and Grievance Procedures can be found here.

For more information, please contact your Campus Disability Coordinator.

Campus Disability Coordinators:

Augusta Campus:  Brian Hendricks, bhendric@gmc.edu or 706-993-1115

Columbus Campus:  Marissa Readinger,mreadinger@gmc.edu or 706-478-2736

Dublin Campus:  Priscilla Adams, pmadams@gmc.edu or wr_studentsupport@gmc.edu or 478-410-3454

Eastman Campus:  Erik Walton, ewalton@gmc.edu or wr_studentsupport@gmc.edu or 478-220-3016

Fairburn Campus:  Dr. N. Josiah Pamoja, npamoja@gmc.edu or 678-846-9632  

Fayetteville Campus:   Dr. N. Josiah Pamoja, npamoja@gmc.edu or 678-846-9632  

Milledgeville Campus:  Laura Booth, lbowes@gmc.edu or 478-387-4879

Madison Campus:  Leigh Aldhizerlaldhize@gmc.edu or 706-752-7500

Online Campus: Jeff Wells, jwells@gmc.edu or 478-387-1921

Sandersville Campus:  Brian Hendricks, bhendric@gmc.edu or 706-993-1115

Stone Mountain Campus:  Janis Anderson,  jjanders@gmc.edu or 678- 379-1387

Valdosta Campus:  Mary Hopper, mhopper@gmc.edu or 229-375-4831                                                                                                 

Warner Robins Campus: wr_studentsupport@gmc.edu or 478-225-4738

Zebulon Campus: Laura Chambley-Shadrick, lshadrick@gmc.edu or 470-777-0207