Computer Information Systems

About This Program:

The AAS in Computer Information Systems program is a business focused degree that will educate students in understanding how business processes and computer information systems are used within an organization to support decision-making and goals attainment, enabling them to thoughtfully participate in the decisions of the marketplace and thereby contribute to the professions, communities, and organizations to which they belong.

Core Curriculum Requirements for the AAS Degree

Computer Information Systems Concentration Degree Requirements

What You Will Learn:

  • Students will utilize accounting software such as MS Excel to construct and evaluate accounting data.
  • Students will learn to compare economic data.
  • Students will formulate business communications that reflect ethics in the business environment.
  • Students will learn the role and application of information systems as a business decision-making resource.

Program Benefits:

Earning an AAS degree in computer information systems will prepare students for employment opportunities and meet educational requirements for continuation towards a bachelor of applied science degree in computer science or information systems. Upon completion of this degree, graduates will be able to transfer credits to a 4-year BAS degree program in computer science or information systems. Computer information systems degree majors consistently remain in the top careers with a wide variety of jobs in the computer industry.

Computer Information Systems Occupational Outlook

Average Cost for Degree:



Course Descriptions: Accounting, Business, Computer Information Systems, Economics


Degree Program Coordinator:

Samantha Betton,

Business/Computer Information Systems Division Chair:

Tianna Marynell,