Dual Enrollment/ Move On When Ready

Georgia Military College recognizes the need to provide academically talented high school students with opportunities for acceleration of their formal academic programs. This recognition has led to the development of the dual enrollment program in which the student, while continuing his/her enrollment in high school as sophomore, junior or senior, enrolls in courses for college credit.  Minimum admission standards for the dual enrollment program are listed in the following sections.

  1. A properly completed official application form.  No application fee required.
  2. Minimum cumulative high school grade point average of 2.50 on a 4.00 scale in courses taken from the Required High School Curriculum units.
  3. Completed MOWR Student Participation Agreement with high school principal or counselor, parent or guardian, and student's signatures.
  4. Submission of official qualifying scores:
      - SAT Critical Reading (480), SAT Math (440)
       - ACT English (20), ACT Math (18)
       - COMPASS Placement test scores
          Reading (78), Writing (60), Math (37)
  5. All LSS coursework must be exempted prior to completing 30 hours of college level work.


Freshman seeking admission to a USG institution can expect that the college credit earned at a COC-accredited institution prior to high school graduation will be considered as transfer credit if the prospective student meets the USG institution& regular admission requirements.