Disability Services

Vision Statement

We envision and promote an educational environment that embraces diversity, equal access and provides support for all students regardless of ability.

Mission Statement

Georgia Military College is committed to the full and total inclusion of all individuals providing equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from all programs, services and activities by: 

  • approving and assisting in the provision of reasonable accommodations
  • encouraging student independence, personal growth, and self-advocacy
  • promoting diversity and inclusion in all environments
  • supporting, training and providing resources to faculty, staff and administrators
  • supporting institutional standards and integrity by valuing high expectations for all students including those with disabilities
  • providing leadership to the institution regarding policy decisions and planning

Core Values

We are committed to the following Core Values as the foundation of our decisions:

  • We believe in the ability of students to succeed and thrive and consider it our duty to support and encourage their personal growth and autonomy
  • We recognize disability as a vital aspect of social justice, inclusion and diversity and consider it to be an interaction between the person and the environment
  • We promote equitable and usable environments of all types, including physical, educational, and social
  • We strive for outstanding customer service, excellence in communication and timeliness of service
  • We value Duty, Honor, Country

The Verification Process

To apply for accommodations:

  1. Apply for admission to the College
  2. Complete a Student Request for Reasonable Accommodations  Intake Application
  3. Complete an Initial Interview with SDS.  (By phone or in person)
  4. Submit documentation: Documentation Guidelines will highlight the required information and additional helpful information that may be requested.
  5. Meet with the Manager or Disability Coordinator if verified, to discuss reasonable accommodations and requesting instructor notificaiton letters through Accommodate (Letters must be requested each term)
  6. Access Accommodate program and request Instructor Notification Letters each term for each instructor you wish to receive accommodations in their class.  Once the letter has been sent the student is required to meet with each instructor to make arrangements for desired accommodations.

Official Institution Policies and Procedures for Students with Disabilities and Grievance Procedures can be found here.

For more information contact:

Katie Johnson, Manager of Disability Services 478-387-4902 or kjohnson@gmc.edu; fax: 478-451-2866 

Augusta Campus:  George Hendricks, Academic Dean
706- 993-1115, or bhendric@gmc.edu

Columbus Campus: Catherine Carter, Academic Dean 
706-478-2743 or ccarter@gmc.edu

Dublin Extension Center: Priscilla Smith, Extension Center Director 478-410-3454 pasmith@gmc.edu

Fairburn Campus: Susan Thomas, Dean of Student's
678- 846-9316 or sthomas@gmc.edu

Fayetteville Campus: Scott Battle, Academic Dean 678-846-9601 or sbattle@gmc.edu

Milledgeville Campus - Amylou Simerly, Disability Specialist
478-387-4879 or asimerly@gmc.edu

Madison Extension Center - Leigh Aldhizer, Extension Center Director 478-387-4792  or laldhize@gmc.edu

Sandersville Extension Center -Col. Yancey Walker, Extension Center Director
478-387-4791   or ewalker@gmc.edu

Stone Mountain Extension Center - Janis Anderson, Extension Center Director, 678- 379-1387 or jjanders@gmc.edu

Valdosta Campus : Joy Harris, Administrative Assistant, 229-269-4844 or jeharris@gmc.ed

Warner Robins Campus: Brenda Davis, Professor, 478- 225-0183 or bdavis@gmc.edu or Alice Reslie, Assistant Dean, 478-225-0179 or areslie@gmc.edu
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