GMC Athletic Performance Scholarship

GMC Athletic Performance Scholarships are awarded to help defray the costs of attendance for student athletes in any of the following current athletic programs:
- Men’s Football (JC Corps of Cadets)
- Men’s Soccer (Either)
- Women’s Soccer (Either)
- Women’s Softball (Either)

GMC Athletic Scholarships are offered to potential student athletes who demonstrate a high degree of skill in their sport and who meet the needs of the GMC athletics program as determined by the head coaches and as approved by the Intercollegiate Athletic Director.  In regards to scholarships for cadet athletes in any sport, it is not the intention for an athletic award to benefit the student athlete in the form of a refund.  If an overage results from the combination of federal grants, state grants, and/or institutional scholarship, the amount of institutional scholarship will be adjusted to remove the overage.  Exceptions to this reduction in institutional scholarship for cadet athletes must be approved by both the Intercollegiate Athletic Director and the GMC COO to allow for any amount of refund.  This does not impact any refund derived from overages created by student loans of any type.
Civilian student athletes may be awarded athletic scholarships that either directly, or in combination with qualified financial aid of any type, creates a refund for the student athlete to help defray the costs of living expenses in the community or in institutional housing, if available.  Scholarship awards and limits must also comply with NJCAA rules and regulations governing student aid as set forth in the published NJCAA Handbook and the NJCAA Letter of Intent (LOI) and Scholarship Agreement.

All scholarship athletes are required to maintain stated eligibility requirements and cadet athletes are additionally required to remain in good standing with the JC Corp of Cadets to receive institutional athletic scholarships.