Football Cadets Program

GMC has one of the top Junior College football programs in the country. Since 1991, over 436 players have started here at GMC and successfully moved on to higher levels of athletic achievement to include the National Football League.  Go to this link to see the success of our program.

Without exception, all football players MUST participate in the GMC Corps of Cadet program.  A majority of players enroll in the Basic Cadet program and incur no military service obligation.  But the benefits of being a Basic Cadet will last far beyond your days on the gridiron.

How do I try out for the football team?
Three times per year, the GMC coaching staff conducts an athletic prospect combine (tryout). In order to be considered for an opportunity to be on the team, a potential player must attend one of these prospect combines and then be selected by the coaching staff as a “preferred player.” These combines are usually conducted in March, June and November of each year. If you have questions about the football program or the tryout program contact the GMC Junior College Athletic Department at